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Woven in 500 words "Love begins at ‘Amour-propre’

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Love begins at ‘Amour-propre’


Wide eyed she gawked at him, trying to decipher, which action of hers instigated the assault. He grasped her chin in a menacing grip. The intense pinch was cutting into her. She would have to explain the marks at home. 

“What just happened?, she whimpered. He only glared to her chagrin. 

“Don’t ever say, you hate, my favorite beer.” He scowled. 

She blinked at the beer can in his hand; stunned.

She had first noticed him, walking down the hallway, at the French Cultural Center. He made the first move, brashly ordering the baffled tutor to excuse her from the class, leaving her awestruck. That should have alerted her, but she was enamored by the wolfish,“Nizam” as he was known by all. Their passion for journalism bound them. He wrote weekly columns, in various magazines. She was already affected by him and he offered to mentor her, it was enough for a gullible, thoroughly smitten, seventeen years old, to trust him. Thus started the summer rendezvous’, of mentoring, readings and thought-provoking sociopolitical discussions over frothy cappuccinos. Soon, the reading materials dissipated, but the summer tryst continued.

That day, she just found out that, “Nizam” was also, the President of Student Union at “The University”. Recent newspaper articles about the violence on students by the authorities and leaders of the university, surfaced on her mind. Looking at the empty cinema hall, she had mixed feelings. Just then, he pulled her towards himself, and declared passionately, ‘I Love You’. “Yes”, she sighed, in spite of shaky nerves. Promptly, she focused on the fluttering butterflies inside of her and fervently ignored the alarm bells. The first kiss and everything after was a dreamy blur. “Aggressively Romantic Boyfriend”, she dimpled, looking at her glazed reflection, later that night. But why insist, I wear only salwar-kameez, now onwards? She pouted. Instinctually, she brushed aside that ever looming anxiety.

But today she was acutely apprehensive - of him. These talks about marriage by next year, had her baffled. Barely out of High School, heck, she won’t even be nineteen, next year! Another shudder ran through her, as his hand massaged her inner thighs. Blaring alarm bells, could not be ignored anymore. She had thought of him as the wind beneath her wings, not snip her dreams. She had shared her deepest thoughts, instead he manipulated her emotions. She wasn’t ready to let her dreams wither away over wile stratagems. More importantly, she couldn’t compromise her “amour-propre”. She touched her bruised face. Her next step crystal clear, she proceeded to call her father, to inform him that, the perfect SAT scores had secured her, a place in one of the best colleges in America. 

As she strode from her college dorm towards the Department, the alluring images of her aspirations, welcomed her. Wellesley College, Massachusetts; Ashima’s haven of boundless hope and her heart’s true desire. The promise that, no one was allowed to trample her self-respect.



Woven in 500 Words - This is a playful challenge I have given myself, to be able to weave a complete story within 500 words. And it would be up to the readers to decide if I am able to do complete justice with the characters. If the readers are able to empathize with the characters, I will feel, I have succeeded in my efforts. 

About the author - I have double Masters in English Literature and Asian American Studies. And, I have a deep affinity for teaching profession. I have tutored as young as grade 5 and given lectures on African Literature to Undergraduates. In between, I have taught graphic designing to advertisement students. And, my favorite thing in the world is being creative. I am a trained vocalist, and learnt kathak for a couple of years. I embroidery, knit, crochet, and love jewelry making. I am a complete outdoorsy until I am doing one of the above. But, most importantly, I read profusely and write incessantly. Writing helps me, arrange my thoughts and emotions. Writing makes me happy. Being creative is not an option, it is my necessity. It retains, my sanity!

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Nice short story. Hard to put

Nice short story. Hard to put your thoughts within 500 words.
Keep writing.

Thank You!!

Grateful for the generous compliments. 

For all those starry eyed kids out there

This is a must read for all those kids out there who read a lot of romantic stuff and feel love is enough!! Yes love and romance are needed but on equal terms!!
beautiful Loved the line "She had thought of him as the wind beneath her wings, not snip her dreams."


Hi Angie!

 It is very much a story of current times of educated people living among us. 

Thank You, so much for those encouraging words. 


once in a while one comes across something that's differently good. this one is it. very different. very good.

Thank You!!

 Thank You for the kind words. 


Good one! Liked it... and it makes sense too! Keep flowing and flying, like Ashima!

Thank You!!

Thank You!!